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The “Canvas” garden is located in Venezuela, the country where I worked for over ten years planning national parks located in seven distinctive biomes and designing a botanical garden with intertropical flora. In this residential project we use the glass curtain of the house to design the garden as if it is a painting on a Canvas.

The reason behind that is to visually sort the many green colors that the panorama generically reflects on it. The “canvas” contains three flat surfaces covered by flagstones and a path whose curve is designed to circumscribe four spaces in the broad grass area: one to play, one to stroll, one for cooking outdoors, and another for rest under the shade of trees.

Considering that the facade reflects the green landscape around it, adding more greens would not change the existing space; therefore, we create cascades of flora in red tones that contrast with the uniform green background; alternating with Bougainvilleas and shrubs of Ixoras, Rhododendrums and Sachecias hanging on the branches of some of the oldest trees of the garden. We cleared areas to highlight existing palm trees and others withfruit trees, we include an ergonomic herb garden to cultivate without stooping and minimum bending, their culinary herbs already scattered on the ground.