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The original Bridge Garden 1 responded to the unexpected changes in the project without adversely affecting the customer budget or the fresh spirit on which the project concept was founded.

The Element that inspired us was a Redwood pine located on the West corner of the back garden; Bellow here, a planter contains rich berries, air ferns and a cover of trefoils to create its particular ecosystem; Consequently, when the conifer leaves fall, they feed the habitat within its radius facilitating the maintenance of the lawn area.

Tangent to this arched planter, under the Redwood shade a wood bench circle encloses a cozy space inviting a conversation.

The Result in the backyard was looking to break up the rear yard corners, through directional changes. In order to do this, we added lighting in the Redwood corner and, in its opposite corner, we placed a pergola for a multi-purpose room, open to the garden. The commitment of preserving three existing trees in the front allowed the inclusion of circular corten steel planters, which gives movement to his narrow plot. Finally, two stripes on flagstone partially covered with thyme, are placed in front and behind to shorten the long driveway and unify both plots.