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In the “Diagonal” garden, the composition is projected as a sequence of successive spaces serving one another. For example, if you place yourself at the center of this house, you can see that the front garden and the back garden are connected through the same direction. This visual is related through a wooden bridge at the entrance, followed by a stone line from the interior of the house towards the backyard, and the presence of water at both ends. This design is evident in the drawing, but this connection is actually consolidated on a day-by-day basis.

In the Diagonal Garden, the relation is: Front garden –Center (house) – Back garden. That is, the way out to the world – the privacy – and the respite (the breathing space)

The Result here is to widen the narrow angle of the back yard so that it may be perceived as a longer space; a square frame was defined to fit the garden with a pathway, and its corner concludes with a row of white tiles at the bottom of the pool.